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Levy Ratner Women Participate in the “A Day Without A Woman” Strike

In a statement of economic solidarity, women of Levy Ratner went on strike March 8, International Women’s Day, for equity, justice and human rights.  “We know all too well that women continue to face unequal wages, sexual harassment, discrimination and job insecurity,” says Gwynne A. Wilcox, whose practice on behalf of working people has lifted wages and provided greater job protections for thousands of female workers.

Levy Ratner Women Participate in the 'A Day Without A Woman' Strike on March 8, 2017

“I am striking to bring attention to the injustice women face in our economy,” said Pamela Jeffrey.  “Women make our communities work, and we deserve equal pay and fair treatment.”

Allyson L. Belovin added that “we stand with all the other hard working women, each of us adding significant value to our economy – and we are here to fight back against mistreatment that women still face in the workplace.”

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