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Complaint Against FDNY Alleges Race Discrimination and Retaliation

Rebekah Cook-Mack, Dana E. Lossia and Richard A. Levy have filed a complaint in federal court in Brooklyn on behalf of Daniel Rivera, a Latino firefighter who benefitted from an earlier race-discrimination lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice and Levy Ratner against the FDNY. Mr. Rivera became the victim of unrelenting retaliation and harassment that ultimately ended his career with the Fire Department. “We cannot allow those who stand up against discrimination to suffer retaliation,” says Rebekah Cook-Mack, who has successfully represented dozens of victims of discrimination and harassment. “We are demanding justice for Mr. Rivera and an end to culture that permits mistreatment in the workplace.”  Learn more about Levy Ratner’s racial justice work or contact us to set up a consultation.

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